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Facciata ampia

On December 28th, 1933 the Municipality of Canosa di Puglia created "a Municipal Museum with the aim of collecting, organising and preserving all the archaeological material discovered or yet to be discovered by excavation in the city’s territory”. Today, the Municipal Museum is located in Palazzo Iliceto, which is not simply a museum-like “container” but satisfies the need to express the vivacity of the archaeological history of Canosa by means of up-to-date fruition itineraries, while maintaining continuity with the past. With the initiative: “Tu in daunios”, an exhibit inaugurated in 2007, the splendour of Daunian Canusium is rekindled for the enjoyment of the public.

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The tour itineraries

Sala 6

The exhibition itinerary of "Tu in Daunios" begins on the 1st floor, with the Daunian section and unravels between the 1st and the 7th room. The tour continues on the ground floor, with the Roman section, which now today contains simply a sample of epigraphs. If you would like to enjoy some more Lapidary items we suggest a stroll in the Municipal Park or in the gardens of the Lagrasta Hypogea.

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The theme-based tours

reperto 53In this section, we examine the handicraft of Canosa that had been showing a high level of specialization, in the production of fictile clay items, since the archaic age. The hallmark of Canosa, which was already evident in the sub-geometric pottery of the second half of the 4th century BC, shows clearly its originality with the production of the gold and polychromatic pottery with sculpted decorations. As far as metal is concerned, the cultural reference is mainly Mid-Adriatic. Weapons and armour are linked to the Italic tradition.

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